December 21st at the Uptown

Jack O’ the Clock
Oakland Active Mini-Orchestra

Jack O’ The Clock brings a quietly giddy sort of energy to the intersection of American folk songwriting and experimental music. The group’s sound, a jangly mix of concert-hall agility, acoustic rock drive, and junk shop scouring, is characterized by jaunty vocal harmonies and innovative, often intricate arrangements for unusual combinations of instruments made possible by the varied musical experience and multi-instrumentalism of its five members, who have played everything from new music to art metal to fingerstyle folk to free improvisation, sometimes in the same concert.

BEEP bounds in fields of abstract flowers. Mischievous, mysterious, intricate and teasing:  Children’s songs on painted pages. Fairy tales intone in an unsettling, hopeful voice. Planes of sound overlaid and overlapping. Landscapes unfold under storms of pastel-shaped jazz. Melodies emerge and recede, twist and flow. Rhythms like water spiders, skating over possibilities. Points of convergence slide and dissolve, reconfigure and drift.  Charting the edges of traveled territory; bringing back artifacts from faraway lands, communications from distant planets.  Stalwarts of the Bay Area music scene, BEEP have honed their interests in diverse projects spanning indie rock, free jazz, and the avant-garde fringe, evolving into the Bay Area’s most alluring purveyor of experimental eclectism

Oakland Active Mini-Orchestra:
Hillary Overberg, violin
Aaron Bennet & Aram Shelton, saxophones
Doug Stuart & Scott Brown, double basses
Shaun Lowecki, drums

December 21st at the Uptown
1928 Telegraph, Oakland, CA
Music at 9:15
No Cover, Donations Accepted

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