January 14th: Antimatter + Rankin-Parker/Pearce + M22 + Deconstruction of What You Know

Active Music Series presents The Deconstruction of What you Know + Antimatter + MK22 + Rankin-Parker / Pearce

The Deconstruction of What You Know features the electro-acoustic improvising quartet of Joshua Allen (tenor saxophone); Christina Stanley (violin), Henry Kaiser (electric guitar); and Phillip Everett and Timothy Orr (drums and percussion). Devoted to the exploration of indeterminate sound, noise and sonic timbres, each member bears responsibility for propelling the group. The music and musicians straddle the line between jazz and rock, new music and esoteric microtonal traditions, and skronk — balancing the weird, serious, and outrageous in a celebration of Bay Area musicians that are known for defying convention.

ANTIMATTER is the sound work of Xopher Davidson – an ongoing exploration into the material of sound. Xopher builds his experiments in electronic sound from a basis in painting, photography, and film, and through an interest in electronic circuits going back to building radios and homemade circuits as a kid. Over a course of the last 11 years he has built and explored the sound world of a homebrew modular synthesizer comprised of surplus laboratory equipment: various oscillators, pulse generators, filters and an ‘analog computer.’’

Teddy Rankin-Parker and Daniel Pearce are Bay Area-based improvisers whose music considers friendship. A cello player and graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Rankin-Parker has performed, toured, and/or recorded with dozens of artists, including the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Eighth Blackbird, Ensemble N_JP, Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, Birthmark, OosImaginary Art Collective, the Kirtan Choir, the Chicago Sinfonietta, Joffrey Ballet, AACM, Chicago Folks Operetta, Opera Cabal, Renee’ Bakers Mantra Blue Free Orchestra, Henry Grimes, Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, and Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble. Pearce is a drummer and writer based in San Francisco who has performed, toured, and/or recorded with numerous groups, including Tenebre, the Ghost Shirt, the Odilon Swan Ensemble, the Canyon Rays, Cardboard, and Ex-Nihilo.

M22 is Kent Cates and Daniel Hintz, an Oakland guitar feedback duo. M22 began high-volume feedback experiments in November of 2012, and they are focused on live performance. M22 is named after the very beautiful and curious Messier 22 elliptical globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius, near the Galactic bulge region. It is one of the brightest globulars that is visible in the night sky. Two black holes of between 10 and 20 solar masses each have been discovered, initially with the Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico, and corroborated by the Chandra X-ray telescope in 2012. Their detection implies that gravitational ejection of black holes from clusters is not as efficient as was previously thought, and leads to estimates of a total 5 to 100 black holes within M22.

Active Music Series – Second Tuesdays at the Uptown
Music at 9 No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph


Deconstruction Orchestra + Crystal Pascucci’s Wild Hen – December 18th

Deconstruction Orchestra

Led by saxophonist Joshua Allen, the Deconstruction Orchestra is a 20 something piece spontaneously conducted Orchestra using cell structure composition to creature a tapestry of sound. Cell structure composition, flash cards, and hand signals are used as well as collective improvisation to create a mass of polyphony. The group has a 6 piece rhythm section and a mass of horns. Some of the very best musicians the bay has to offer take part in the Orchestra. This is an event not to be missed!

Crystal Pascucci

Crystal Pascucci is a cellist, composer and improviser. Her music is atmospheric; it moves from one musical space to another. Interlacing notation and improvisational instruction, she works with traditional instruments, offen with electronic effects. On this night, she’ll present a quartet of cello, clarinet, and 2 percussionists. http://soundcloud.com/crystal-pascucci

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph

April 10th: Deconstruction Orchestra

Active Music Series Uptown April 10 The Deconstruction Orchestra + The Deconstruction Of What You Know

The Deconstruction Orchestra featuring Joshua Allen, conductor; Henry Kaiser, guitar; William Winant and Mike Guarino, drums; Kurt Ribak, Bass; Aram Shelton, Rent Romus, Sam Flores, David Slusser,  Aaron Bennett, and Misha Polechek, saxophones; Blaine  Finell and George Moore, trumpets; Matt Striech, trombone; Ron Heglin, tuba.

“The Deconstruction Of What You Know”. Joshua Allen, tenor saxophone; Henry Kaiser, guitar; William Winant and Mike Guarino, drums.

The Uptown

1928 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA

9:00 PM

Donations Accepted