April 8th: Cash Pony +Tujurikkuja + Damon Smith (Houston)

Active Music Series presents Cash Pony +Tujurikkuja + Damon Smith (Houston)

Cash Pony is ethno-slacker psych prog algebra slamdunk music from Oakland CA. Owen Kelley, Guitar; Charles Lloyd, Guitar/Sitar; Ian Saxton, drums; Stevo Wright, bass.

Tujurikkuja is an ambient noise project from Christian Dixon (Earth Jerks, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Murder Murder) and Joshua Kit Clayton (Orthlorng Musork, ~scape, Mille Plateaux).

Damon Smith returns to the Bay Area for the first time since August 2010. Improvisations with Aram Shelton, alto saxophone; Scott Looney, keyboard; Jacob Felix Heule, percussion.

Active Music Series – Second Tuesdays at the Uptown
Music at 9 No cover, donations accepted.


March 11th: Eat the Sun + Tonal Masher + Tiberius

Active Music Series presents Eat the Sun + Tonal Masher + Tiberius + Active Music Photography Exhibit Reception

Eat the Sun Gretchen: Gretchen Jude (koto), Jason Hoopes (bass), and Noah Phillips (guitar) played their first official show as Eat The Sun during the solar eclipse of 2012. Their music is freely improvised, always with a mind toward finding groove, and walking the line between melody and noise, accessibility and confrontation. Their first album will be released later this Spring.  

Tonal Masher is the saxophone & electronics alter ego of Aram Shelton. Much like the anagram which creates the name, in this solo project Shelton re-arranges and extends his acoustic sounds via processing. Layers of tones and harmonics are combined with extended techniques including multiphonics and circular breathing: 

Tiberius is primarily a spontaneously creative unit comprised of Dominic Cramp (Evangelista, Borful Tang, Lord Tang, Vulcanus 68) playing organ and electronics and Mike Guarino (Sir Richard Bishop, Oaxacan) playing drums, guitar, and electronics. Between them they have performed throughout the United States, Europe and South America with such artists as Nels Cline, Richard Bishop, Bill Gould, Mike Watt, John Dietrich, Carla Bozulich, Shahzad Ismaily, Ches Smith and Damo Suzuki.

We’ll also be having a reception for the Active Music Photography Exhibit in the front room. Photos of musicians by Lenny Gonzalez, Carly Hoopes, Omid Zoufonoun, Tom Djll, Aram Shelton, Charles Smith and Myles Boisen. Come at 9pm to meet the photographers and view the work!

Active Music Series – Second Tuesdays at the Uptown
Music at 9 No cover, donations accepted.

Wiggwaum + Julia Mazawa + Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey – March 12th

Active Music Series presents Wiggwaum + Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey Book + Julia Mazawa

Wiggwaum: Doug Katelus & Randylee Sutherland, with newest member Matt Hartman, lead you toward the brain center, nervous center, soul center, through the ears. Wiggwaum is a spell of reeds, vox, percussion and A100 Hammond organ; amped up, melted, cracked up, splitting out sounds. “Sounds like death via sasquatch.” Sutherland, percussion; Katelus, Hammond Organ; Matt Hartman, Electric Saxophone

Julia Mazawa plays loops. A simple set up – one sound source, looped and amplified – is all that is required to create infinitely varied sound. Julia lives in Oakland.

Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey Book
The Whiskey Book – a collection of compositions for improvisers, dedicated to cellist Hamilton Berry and Vas Foremost Liquors, located at the corner of California and Milwaukee in Chicago. Most of these ideas began through improvisations with H. Douglas Berry, but were distilled through the spirits of Vas F. With Ritwik Banerji, Aram Shelton, Aaron Bennett, saxophones; Tom Ferguson, bass; Jordan Glenn, drums.

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph
OaklandAMS March 2013

Stupid Man Suit (LA) + the Heroic Trio + Ton Trio II – February 12

Stupid Man Suit + The Heroic Trio + Ton Trio II

Stupid Man Suit

Free Jazz / Thrash from Los Angeles with Ryan Parrish, baritone sax
Matty Harris, baritone sax; Maxwell Gualtieri, guitar; Jake Rosenzweig, bass; Michael Lockwood, drums. http://stupidmansuit.bandcamp.com/

The Heroic Trio
Daniel Steffey – Electronics – http://www.noisefromtheunderground.com/
Nick Wang – Electronics – http://www.nickwang.org/
Benjamin Tinker – Electronics – https://soundcloud.com/that-hideous-strength

Ton Trio II
Aram Shelton, saxophone; Scott Brown, bass; Alex Vittum, drums.
Led by Shelton, this trio delves into the vein of free jazz instituted by Ornette Coleman’s trio in the mid 1960s with simple melodies, and an emphasis on the group aesthetic.

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph

August 14: These Are Our Hours + Alex Pinto Trio

Active Music Series at the Uptown: These Are Our Hours + Alex Pinto Trio

These Are Our Hours is an avant jazz quintet featuring members of the Oakland Active Orchestra. Comprised of integral members of the bay area creative music scene, TAOH explores a myriad of concepts grounded in jazz and free improvisation.  After their debut at the SF Offside Festival, they’ve quickly developed a strong body of work through a monthly show/session at Oakland’s Bar 355.  With Aram Shelton, alto saxophone; Theo Padouvas, trumpet; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Kim Cass, bass; Sam Ospovat, drums.

The Alex Pinto Trio was formed in late 2011 and has since performed extensively across the Bay Area. Featuring guitarist and composer Alex Pinto, Shaun Lowecki on drums and Scott Brown on bass, the group’s sound is defined by an energetic approach to modern jazz that infuses traditions from Hindustani classical music and rock.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq6YmQX3TaI

9PM, August 14


1928 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA


May 8: Marco Eneidi and the Oakland Active Orchestra

Active Music Series presents Marco Eneidi’s “Shattered Plus Plus” and the Oakland Active Orchestra


Eneidi’s “Shattered Plus Plus” including trumpeter Darren Johnston and multi-reedist Phillip Greenlief; and as guest soloist/composer with the Oakland Active Orchestra performing his piece “Jangulation” at theUptown, Oakland


Oakland Active Orchestra includes Aaron Bennett, reeds; Phillip Greenlief, reeds; Aram Shelton, reeds; Cory Wright, reeds; Darren Johnston, trumpet; Theo Padouvas, trumpet; Andy Strain, trombone; Dina Maccabee, viola; Hillary Overberg, violin; Kristian Aspelin, guitar; Noah Phillips, guitar; Lisa Mezzacappa, bass; Kim Cass, bass; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Sam Ospovat, drums



1928 Telegraph Ave

No cover, donations accepted

April 10th: Deconstruction Orchestra

Active Music Series Uptown April 10 The Deconstruction Orchestra + The Deconstruction Of What You Know

The Deconstruction Orchestra featuring Joshua Allen, conductor; Henry Kaiser, guitar; William Winant and Mike Guarino, drums; Kurt Ribak, Bass; Aram Shelton, Rent Romus, Sam Flores, David Slusser,  Aaron Bennett, and Misha Polechek, saxophones; Blaine  Finell and George Moore, trumpets; Matt Striech, trombone; Ron Heglin, tuba.

“The Deconstruction Of What You Know”. Joshua Allen, tenor saxophone; Henry Kaiser, guitar; William Winant and Mike Guarino, drums.

The Uptown

1928 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA

9:00 PM

Donations Accepted

Citta di Vitti + Aram Shelton Quartet @ Uptown December 13

Active Music Series presents Citta di Vitti + Aram Shelton Quartet
(Featuring members of the Oakland Active Orchestra).

Citta di Vitti was formed in 2008 by composer/saxophonist Phillip Greenlief to perform music inspired by the films of Michelangelo Antonioni and features bassist Lisa Mezzacappa and John Hanes on drums. For this performance, the group will be augmented with a few special guests: Cory Wright, John Schott, Darren Johnston and others, and the group will perform live with Antonioni’s masterpiece, L’Avventura.

This new lineup of Aram Shelton’s Quartet will feature Mark Clifford on vibraphone, Anton Hatwich on bass, and Vijay Anderson on drums. Creative jazz with aspects of chamber music and free improvisations, energy and melodies.

Tuesday, December 13th
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA

November 8 at the Uptown

Active Music Series presents James Fei Alto Quartet + Cory Wright Quintet.

James Fei Alto Quartet with Randy McKean, Aram Shelton, and Jacob Zimmerman. Orignal compositions for 4 altos and Roscoe Mitchell’s Nonaah.

Cory Wright Quintet with Evan Francis, Rob Ewing, Lisa Mezzacappa and Jordan Glenn. Original compositions.

Cost : Donations

Time: 9:30 pm

1928 Telegraph Ave

October 11th, The Oakland Active Orchestra (OAO) celebrates its 2nd birthday

The Oakland Active Orchestra (OAO) celebrates its 2nd birthday with a program of short works by bandmembers Darren Johnston, Aaron Bennett, Aram Shelton, Lisa Mezzacappa, Rob Ewing, Cory Wright,  and Jordan Glenn.

Plus: Opening Set by:
Dave Rempis-Darren Johnston-Larry Ochs Trio

Oakland Active Orchestra
2011 Birthday Concert
at the Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA
No Cover, donations welcome