August 12th: Mwahaha | Fibers with Gargantius Effect | Mchtnchts

Active Music Series presents Mwahaha | Fibers with Gargantius Effect | Mchtnchts

Mwahaha. Psychedelic ebb & flows, electronic undercurrents, and elated pop flourishes bring into focus an attention to detail that’s staggering.

Fibers + Gargantius Effect. Combinations of free improvisation, Balkan swing, chamber jazz, texture and tone with Murray Campbell, violin, oboe & electronics; Randy McKean, reeds; Wes Steed, electronics and Kevin Corcoran, percussion.

mchtnchts. Lance Grabmiller and Kyle Bruckmann have been partners in shudder (with Phillip Greenlief) since 2004, on digital electronics and double reeds, respectively. In 2012, the two began exploring a duo configuration employing exclusively modular analog electronics. The results have thus far been delightfully nasty, unapologetically invoking a mutual love of vintage electronic (preciding the “-a” appendage) music and old-school industrial crunch.

Active Music Series – Second Tuesdays at the Uptown
Music at 9 No cover, donations accepted.

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January 26th at the Ivy Room

Active Music Series at the Ivy Room Presents Quartet, Trio & Duo:

Set 1: Aram Shelton (alto saxophone/bass clarinet), Chris Grady, trumpet, Vijay Anderson (drums) Trio.

Set 2: Ritwik Banerji (tenor sax), Rob Frye (alto sax) + Live interactive electronics by MAXine.

Set 3: Bristle: Randy McKean (reeds), Cory Wright (reeds), Murray Campbell (violin, oboes), Lisa Mezzacappa (bass).

Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave Albany, CA
Music at 9:15
No cover, donations accepted

Ritwik Banerji & Rob Frye at the Ivy Room