October 14th: Glou Glou + Beak + SL Morse

SL Morse performs feel-bad modernist literature through Morse Code translations from text to musical notation. Combining composition and improvisation, SL Morse is the project of Sarah Lockhart (drums) collaborating with other musicians. Past collaborators include Weasel Walter (guitar), Dominique Leone (keyboards), and Damon Smith (bass). For this night “The Yellow Wallpaper” with Sarah Lockhart (drums) and Aurora Josephson (voice/small percussion), both featured on the sample listed on the website above. Based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the music is a descent into insanity and explores restraint and confinement, politeness and imagination.


Glou Glou is a collaboration between Gretchen Jude (koto, voice, electronics) and Arjun Mendiratta (violin, electronics). Working within the confines of a consonant, primarily “ambient” aesthetic, glou glou focuses on timbre, tonality, and the happy accidents inherent in improvisation. They are guided equally by the works of Eliane Radigue and the Cocteau Twins.


Jordan Glenn’s BEAK is a percussion heavy ensemble the blurs the line between dynamic/energetic grooves and chaos.  The power of this electric ensemble is wheeled by Jordan Glenn’s curious baton, moving in and out of composed and spontaneous material. With Will Redmond, guitar & kalimba; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Karl Evangelista, guitar; Bob LaDue, percussion; Jason Hoopes, bass; Robert Lopez, drums; Jordan Glenn, conductor/composer.


August 14: These Are Our Hours + Alex Pinto Trio

Active Music Series at the Uptown: These Are Our Hours + Alex Pinto Trio

These Are Our Hours is an avant jazz quintet featuring members of the Oakland Active Orchestra. Comprised of integral members of the bay area creative music scene, TAOH explores a myriad of concepts grounded in jazz and free improvisation.  After their debut at the SF Offside Festival, they’ve quickly developed a strong body of work through a monthly show/session at Oakland’s Bar 355.  With Aram Shelton, alto saxophone; Theo Padouvas, trumpet; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Kim Cass, bass; Sam Ospovat, drums.

The Alex Pinto Trio was formed in late 2011 and has since performed extensively across the Bay Area. Featuring guitarist and composer Alex Pinto, Shaun Lowecki on drums and Scott Brown on bass, the group’s sound is defined by an energetic approach to modern jazz that infuses traditions from Hindustani classical music and rock.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq6YmQX3TaI

9PM, August 14


1928 Telegraph Ave

Oakland, CA


May 8: Marco Eneidi and the Oakland Active Orchestra

Active Music Series presents Marco Eneidi’s “Shattered Plus Plus” and the Oakland Active Orchestra


Eneidi’s “Shattered Plus Plus” including trumpeter Darren Johnston and multi-reedist Phillip Greenlief; and as guest soloist/composer with the Oakland Active Orchestra performing his piece “Jangulation” at theUptown, Oakland


Oakland Active Orchestra includes Aaron Bennett, reeds; Phillip Greenlief, reeds; Aram Shelton, reeds; Cory Wright, reeds; Darren Johnston, trumpet; Theo Padouvas, trumpet; Andy Strain, trombone; Dina Maccabee, viola; Hillary Overberg, violin; Kristian Aspelin, guitar; Noah Phillips, guitar; Lisa Mezzacappa, bass; Kim Cass, bass; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Sam Ospovat, drums



1928 Telegraph Ave

No cover, donations accepted

March 13th: Moe!kestra + Clifford / Hatwich / Shelton / Wick

Active Music Series at the Uptown presents Moe!kestra + Clifford / Hatwich / Shelton / Wick

Moe!kestra is the large ensemble/orchestra project of Bay Area experimental musician, Moe! Staiano, which began at Berkeley’s Beanbenders’ series in 1997. For this concert, Staiano will conduct Piece No. 9: When Terrie Had Six, based of songs by and dedicated to the Dutch band, the Ex. The orchestra of some esitmated 30+ Bay Area musicians includes both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation: multiples of electric guitars, electric bass, drums, percussion arsenal, strings (violin, viola, cello and contrabass), clarinets (including bass clarinet), and electronics. Staiano’s Moe!kestra compositions are influenced by the works of Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and John Zorn, commingling the genres of 20th century classical music, jazz and rock.

Opening will be the quartet of Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Jacob Wick, trumpet; Anton Hatwich, bass; and Aram Shelton, clarinets.

Moe!kestra will consist of:

Phillip Greenlief – Clarinet
Michael Zelner – Clarinet
Alan Anzalone – Bass Clarinet
Chris Broderick – Bass Clarinet
Jacob McCann – Bass Clarinet
Aaron Novik – Bass Clarinet
David Slusser – Bass Clarinet
Jeff Hobbs – Violin
Angela Hsu – Violin
Marielle Jakobsobs – Violin
Dina Maccabee – Violin
Sig Hafstrom – Viola
Cheryl Leonard – Viola
Steve Bankston – Cello
Shain Carrasco – Cello
David Leikam – Bass Cello
Kristian Aspelin – Guitar
Karl Alfonso Evangelista – Guitar
Bill Horvitz – Guitar
Ava Mendoza – Guitar
Melne Murphy – Guitar
Robin Hiroko Walsh – Guitar
Brainfreak White – Guitar
Bill Wolter – Guitar
Alex Yueng – Guitar
Sarah Lockhart – Drums
Garth Powell – Drums
Jacob Felix Heule – Percussion
Suki O’Kane – Percussion
Amar Chaudhary – Electronics
Peter Conheim – Electronics
Thomas Dimuzio – Electronics
Moe! Staiano – Conductor

March 13th : 9:00 PM

Uptown, 1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA

Cost : Donations

Citta di Vitti + Aram Shelton Quartet @ Uptown December 13

Active Music Series presents Citta di Vitti + Aram Shelton Quartet
(Featuring members of the Oakland Active Orchestra).

Citta di Vitti was formed in 2008 by composer/saxophonist Phillip Greenlief to perform music inspired by the films of Michelangelo Antonioni and features bassist Lisa Mezzacappa and John Hanes on drums. For this performance, the group will be augmented with a few special guests: Cory Wright, John Schott, Darren Johnston and others, and the group will perform live with Antonioni’s masterpiece, L’Avventura.

This new lineup of Aram Shelton’s Quartet will feature Mark Clifford on vibraphone, Anton Hatwich on bass, and Vijay Anderson on drums. Creative jazz with aspects of chamber music and free improvisations, energy and melodies.

Tuesday, December 13th
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA

October 11th, The Oakland Active Orchestra (OAO) celebrates its 2nd birthday

The Oakland Active Orchestra (OAO) celebrates its 2nd birthday with a program of short works by bandmembers Darren Johnston, Aaron Bennett, Aram Shelton, Lisa Mezzacappa, Rob Ewing, Cory Wright,  and Jordan Glenn.

Plus: Opening Set by:
Dave Rempis-Darren Johnston-Larry Ochs Trio

Oakland Active Orchestra
2011 Birthday Concert
at the Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA
No Cover, donations welcome