AMF Supporters

Thanks to Lenny Gonzalez for curating the AMF Photography Exhibit.

Thanks to Norman Teale for audio at Uptown.

Thanks to Art Granoff for recording at Duende.

A HUGE thank you to the supporters of the Active Music Festival!

– – – – Assistant Directors – – – –

John Lee, James McElwee

– – – PR Chiefs – – –

Dominique Leone, Jen Dunn

–Stage Manager–

Joslyn Lane

– – Lighting Designers – –

Holly Schneider, Resipiscent, Kristian Aspelin, Chris Broderick, Ric Louchard, Andrew Jamieson, Tricia Heath,  Dorothy Berry, Melne Murphy, Kjell Nordeson, Aaron Novik, Nathan Clevenger, Kyle Bruckmann, Guenter Bruckmann, Tobin Summerfield, Alan So, Richard Pascucci, Thomas Dimuzio

 – Sound Guys –

Benjamin Klein, Sung Kim, Sarah Lockhart, Robert Miller, Jason Weiss, Laura Maguire, Steve Lew, Polly Moller, Amanda Chaudhary, Karl Evangelista, Adria Otte, Markus Hunt, Jacob Peck, Raub Roy, Helen Agront, Megan McDevitt

– Biggest Fans –

Brel Baird, Maryclare Bryztwa, Anonymous, Kristina Dutton, Teddy Rankin-Parker, Robert Lopez, Ross Eustis, Alex Vittum, Chuck Johnson, Xinh Xo, Jennifer Tinker, Patricia Kutney, Skinny125

Additional supporters:

Aaron Markus, Suki O’Kane, Josh Berman, Larry Ochs, Lisa Mezzacappa, Timothy Orr, Jordan Glenn, Jon Raskin, Matt Davignon, Shanna Sordahl, Tom Djll, Charles Smith, Vijay Anderson, Anton Hatwich, Ritwik Banerji, Mary Pascucci, William Velez, Amy LaCour, Jesse Rimler

The Active Music Festival is made possible through the Musical Grant Program, which is administered by the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, and supported by the Heller Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and San Francisco Grants for the Arts.

The Active Music Festival is also supported by the Zellerbach Family Community Arts Program and fiscally sponsored by ROVA Arts.

Check out this  article by Polly Moller about the inaugural AMF.

Special thanks to Larry Trujillo, Ray Yeh & Robbin Green-Yeh, Rocco Somazzi, The Uptown Nightclub and Duende.