Wiggwaum + Julia Mazawa + Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey – March 12th

Active Music Series presents Wiggwaum + Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey Book + Julia Mazawa

Wiggwaum: Doug Katelus & Randylee Sutherland, with newest member Matt Hartman, lead you toward the brain center, nervous center, soul center, through the ears. Wiggwaum is a spell of reeds, vox, percussion and A100 Hammond organ; amped up, melted, cracked up, splitting out sounds. “Sounds like death via sasquatch.” Sutherland, percussion; Katelus, Hammond Organ; Matt Hartman, Electric Saxophone

Julia Mazawa plays loops. A simple set up – one sound source, looped and amplified – is all that is required to create infinitely varied sound. Julia lives in Oakland.

Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey Book
The Whiskey Book – a collection of compositions for improvisers, dedicated to cellist Hamilton Berry and Vas Foremost Liquors, located at the corner of California and Milwaukee in Chicago. Most of these ideas began through improvisations with H. Douglas Berry, but were distilled through the spirits of Vas F. With Ritwik Banerji, Aram Shelton, Aaron Bennett, saxophones; Tom Ferguson, bass; Jordan Glenn, drums.

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph
OaklandAMS March 2013


January 26th at the Ivy Room

Active Music Series at the Ivy Room Presents Quartet, Trio & Duo:

Set 1: Aram Shelton (alto saxophone/bass clarinet), Chris Grady, trumpet, Vijay Anderson (drums) Trio.

Set 2: Ritwik Banerji (tenor sax), Rob Frye (alto sax) + Live interactive electronics by MAXine.

Set 3: Bristle: Randy McKean (reeds), Cory Wright (reeds), Murray Campbell (violin, oboes), Lisa Mezzacappa (bass).

Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave Albany, CA
Music at 9:15
No cover, donations accepted

Ritwik Banerji & Rob Frye at the Ivy Room