Key West / Lords of Outland + Music for Hard Times + Angela Roberts and Scott Goff – May 14th

Active Music Series presents Key West/Lords of Outland + Music for Hard Times + Angela Roberts and Scott Goff

The Lords of Outland & Key West: Rent Romus created the Lords of Outland in 1994, a collective of like-minded musicians focusing on exploring improvisation, melody, noise, and sound art. Key West began in 2000 with similar sonic pursuits and a rotating cast of characters. Romus has been playing with Key West since 2010, this will be the first time these two units collide. With CJ Borosque- no-input pedals and trumpet; Philip Everett- drums; Ray Schaeffer- electric bass; Rent Romus- alto, soprano, C-melody saxophones; Brian Pedersen- alto, soprano saxophones; Sung Kim- the hare; Tim Orr- drums

Music For Hard Times (Tom Nunn & Paul Winstanley)is a free-improvisation noise band, exploring syntax and duration through the use of wildly extended techniques and unique invented instruments. The sounds range from conversational, to tonally haunting, to purely textural landscapes which seamlessly evolve. MFHT donates all their proceeds to poverty relief charities.

Angela Roberts is a cellist and improvisor. Scott Goff plays live electronics. The duet has been active since 2007 largely performing improvised noise sets in Seoul, ROK, and not performing very often at all in the Bay Area. Their music is a sequence of tiny noise miniatures.


Street Priest + Hare and Arrow + Nathan Clevenger Group. April 9th

Active Music Series presents Street Priest + Hare and Arrow + Nathan Clevenger Group

Street Priest. Mutual fans of Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society playing music that doesn’t sound too much like that band. Noisy, loud, and energetic improvised music with the openness and freedom to explore more reflective, atmospheric, and quiet moments when appropriate. Power trio instrumentation and the idea of a free funk band as a launching pad for textural sound exploration. With Kristian Aspelin, guitar; Matt Chandler, bass; Jacob Felix Heule, drums

Hare and Arrow. A Classification of Chrysanthemums. With Dave Dupuis, Nuns Horn 3 and upright bass; Crystal Pascucci, ozukuri and cello; Sung Kim, the fawn, the hare, and the nuns horn 4.

Nathan Clevenger Group: Preoccupied with with close harmony and a tangled style of counterpoint, Clevenger enjoys pushing what one might call tight, precise Chamber Jazz harmonic/melodic elements through a volatile jazz ensemble. With Kasey Knudsen, alto sax; Cory Wright – bass clarinet, tenor sax; Rebecca Kleinmann, flute, alto flute; Nathan Clevenger, guitar; Sam Bevan, bass; Jon Arkin, drums.