October 14th: Glou Glou + Beak + SL Morse

SL Morse performs feel-bad modernist literature through Morse Code translations from text to musical notation. Combining composition and improvisation, SL Morse is the project of Sarah Lockhart (drums) collaborating with other musicians. Past collaborators include Weasel Walter (guitar), Dominique Leone (keyboards), and Damon Smith (bass). For this night “The Yellow Wallpaper” with Sarah Lockhart (drums) and Aurora Josephson (voice/small percussion), both featured on the sample listed on the website above. Based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the music is a descent into insanity and explores restraint and confinement, politeness and imagination.


Glou Glou is a collaboration between Gretchen Jude (koto, voice, electronics) and Arjun Mendiratta (violin, electronics). Working within the confines of a consonant, primarily “ambient” aesthetic, glou glou focuses on timbre, tonality, and the happy accidents inherent in improvisation. They are guided equally by the works of Eliane Radigue and the Cocteau Twins.


Jordan Glenn’s BEAK is a percussion heavy ensemble the blurs the line between dynamic/energetic grooves and chaos.  The power of this electric ensemble is wheeled by Jordan Glenn’s curious baton, moving in and out of composed and spontaneous material. With Will Redmond, guitar & kalimba; Mark Clifford, vibraphone; Karl Evangelista, guitar; Bob LaDue, percussion; Jason Hoopes, bass; Robert Lopez, drums; Jordan Glenn, conductor/composer.


November 12th: Murder Murder + The Scope + Jordan Glenn

Active Music Series at the Uptown November 12

Active Music Series presents Murder Murder + The Scope + Jordan Glenn

The Scope (Matt Ingalls – clarinet & violin, Thomas Dimuzio – guitar, and Thomas Scandura – drums) is a convenient travel-sized Bay Area trio with a minty fresh burning sensation. With germ-killing ACTIVE INGREDIENTS free improv, noise, and rock, the band’s refreshing dual-blast ultra-sonic malodorous sound lasts 5 times longer than brushing alone. Rinse, spit, and repeat.

Murder Murder is a Bay Area-based organ of chaos and entropy led for over a decade in a de facto manner by Paul Costuros (Death Sentence: Panda!/Total Shutdown/XBXRX) and generally featuring a bevy of unhinged freakazoids culled from the creme of the SF/Oakland art-punk-spuzz-weirdo-rock-free-jazz-noise scene including Weasel Walter, John Dwyer, Greg Saunier from Deerhoof, Mochipet, John Weise, Ches Smith, and C. Spencer Yeh, as well as members of Child Abuse, XBXRX, Burmese, Comets On Fire, T.I.T.S, Sic Alps, Erase Errata, and The Hospitals. The actual music is a matter of perspective: some might call it “fake jazz”, some might tag it “noise”, some see it as “performance art”, some might call it “bullshit on a stick”, but, call it whatever you will: Murder Murder is really an ongoing attempt at gleeful, reckless spontaneity within the underground scene.

Jordan Glenn will perform etudes and improvisations for the drum set. In addition to drums and cymbals, the traditional pallet will be extended with small percussion, a mix of odd and conventional. http://www.jordanglennmusic.com

Active Music Series – Second Tuesdays at the Uptown
Music at 9 No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph

Wiggwaum + Julia Mazawa + Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey – March 12th

Active Music Series presents Wiggwaum + Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey Book + Julia Mazawa

Wiggwaum: Doug Katelus & Randylee Sutherland, with newest member Matt Hartman, lead you toward the brain center, nervous center, soul center, through the ears. Wiggwaum is a spell of reeds, vox, percussion and A100 Hammond organ; amped up, melted, cracked up, splitting out sounds. “Sounds like death via sasquatch.” Sutherland, percussion; Katelus, Hammond Organ; Matt Hartman, Electric Saxophone

Julia Mazawa plays loops. A simple set up – one sound source, looped and amplified – is all that is required to create infinitely varied sound. Julia lives in Oakland.

Ritwik Banerji’s Whiskey Book
The Whiskey Book – a collection of compositions for improvisers, dedicated to cellist Hamilton Berry and Vas Foremost Liquors, located at the corner of California and Milwaukee in Chicago. Most of these ideas began through improvisations with H. Douglas Berry, but were distilled through the spirits of Vas F. With Ritwik Banerji, Aram Shelton, Aaron Bennett, saxophones; Tom Ferguson, bass; Jordan Glenn, drums.

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph
OaklandAMS March 2013

Tiberius + Headboggle + Mindless Thing – January 8th

Tiberius is primarily a spontaneously creative unit comprised of Dominic Cramp (Evangelista, Borful Tang, Lord Tang, Vulcanus 68) playing organ and electronics and Mike Guarino (Sir Richard Bishop, Oaxacan) playing drums, guitar, and electronics. Between them they have performed throughout the United States, Europe and South America with such artists as Nels Cline, Richard Bishop, Bill Gould, Mike Watt, John Dietrich, Carla Bozulich, Shahzad Ismaily, Ches Smith and Damo Suzuki. Most recently, they have engaged in an ongoing series of performances with choreographer Leyya Mona Tawil of Dance Elixir, a company of up to 11 dancers and guitarist Ava Mendoza in a piece entitled Destroy! http://www.tiberius.cc

Headboggle is a self described “culmination of diverging unsound musical and accidental pursuits…” He studied Classical and Ragtime piano under noted Ragtime Revivalist Dr. Brian Dykstra. Influences may/not include “Bartok, Scott Joplin, and Morton Subotnick, Eno’s Oblique Strategies, Andy Kaufman, and John Cage. A typical performance might include live analog synthesizer improvisation over a prepared backing. Backing sounds are usually multi-tracked soundscapes featuring unique field recordings and other synthetic treatments.

Mindless Thing is a new collaboration between drummer/composer Jordan Glenn and saxophonist/poet/artist/sage Jim Ryan. The music, composed and conducted by Glenn, takes malleable material and filters it through a unique ensemble of strings and percussion. The result is used to create a backdrop for Ryan’s surreal and haunting poetry. With Damon Waitkus, hammer dulcimer; Michael Coleman, wurlitzer, percussion; Karl Evangelista, guitar;
Robert Lopez, vibes & percussion; Jim Ryan, poetry& flute; Jordan Glenn, percussion.

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

1928 Telegraph

November 8 at the Uptown

Active Music Series presents James Fei Alto Quartet + Cory Wright Quintet.

James Fei Alto Quartet with Randy McKean, Aram Shelton, and Jacob Zimmerman. Orignal compositions for 4 altos and Roscoe Mitchell’s Nonaah.

Cory Wright Quintet with Evan Francis, Rob Ewing, Lisa Mezzacappa and Jordan Glenn. Original compositions.

Cost : Donations

Time: 9:30 pm

1928 Telegraph Ave

October 11th, The Oakland Active Orchestra (OAO) celebrates its 2nd birthday

The Oakland Active Orchestra (OAO) celebrates its 2nd birthday with a program of short works by bandmembers Darren Johnston, Aaron Bennett, Aram Shelton, Lisa Mezzacappa, Rob Ewing, Cory Wright,  and Jordan Glenn.

Plus: Opening Set by:
Dave Rempis-Darren Johnston-Larry Ochs Trio

Oakland Active Orchestra
2011 Birthday Concert
at the Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA
No Cover, donations welcome

September 13th at Viracocha

Active Music Series Presents Marco Eneidi Trio + Marches.

Marco Eneidi Trio: Marco Eneidi, alto saxophone; Lisa Mezzacappa, bass; Donald Robinson, drums.

Marches: Aram Shelton, alto & tenor saxophone; Cory Wright, tenor & baritone saxophone; Michael Coleman, keyboard; Doug Stuart, bass; Jordan Glenn, drums; Sam Ospovat, drums. http://www.aramshelton.com/marches.html

@ Viracocha 998 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Music at 9pm

$5-$10 Sliding scale

August 9 Marana Jocund + Thorny Brocky

Active Music Series presents Thorny Brocky (CD Release) + Marana Jocund

Thorny Brocky is Aaron Novik, bass clarinet; Marie Abe, accordion; Kasey Knudsen, alto sax; Jordan Glenn, drums; Lisa Mezzacappa, bass; Melody Ferris, vocals, Dina Maccabee, violin.

The highly anticipated release “Don’t Call Life a Bad Word” came out on Porto Franco Recordsin January 2011. This music uses texts/poems from local mission poets that are marginalized from the mainstream. Michael Bernard Loggins is a poet and writer who is developmentally disabled. His creative use of language and perceptions as a disabled person of color are as unique as they are beautiful and often times silly. Bart Alberti is a autistic savant that killed himself a few years ago. His peotry is highly intellectual and exploits the friction of juxtaposing imagery to create a unique beauty. Swan is a mentally ill homeless man that hand types leaflets that expound on his belief system, centered on feeding pigeons, rats and other vermin as a holy act.

Marana Jocund:   Rob Pumpelly – Drums/Percussion; Will Redmond – Guitar/Kalimba

Music at 9:30, No cover, donations accepted.

Uptown, 1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

March 8th at the Uptown

Active Music Series at the Uptown Presents: Dokuro, Dino Piranha, Stratic

Electronics & voices collide in a frenzied swirl of noise, pop melodies, improvisation, and lush ambience that transport the listener to blood red moons & dusty corners of the heart.  The Wire has described their music as “discreetly sculptured” and “extremist fare that blasts away the earwax without leaving you feeling pointlessly bludgeoned.”  Dokuro is Agnes Szelag & The Norman Conquest. dokuro.bandcamp.com

Dino Piranha: Karl Evangelista & Noah Phillips, guitars, Phillip Greenlief, tenor saxophone; Rei Scampavia ,keys; Doug Stuart, bass; Jordan Glenn, drums. Conceived as a tribute to, rather than a repertory engagement with, certain jazz-informed African musics that flourished in the 1960’s and 70’s–particularly Fela Kuti’s afrobeat and South African mbaqanga–Dino Piranha amalgamates urban African idioms with elements of free improvisation and the pan-national “kosmigroov” styles that followed in the wake of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Dino Piranha’s music is danceable, vamp-heavy, and visceral, but also dense, detailed, and harmonically rich–a tapestry of sounds and weird angles that might recall a play-through of Super Mario Galaxy as much as it does 70’s Sun Ra.

Stratic + Pykrete: Aram Shelton, saxophone & electronics; Michael Coleman, keyboard; Alex Vittum, drums. Stratic makes improvised music that combines acoustics & electronics into three distinct layers of sound with processed saxophonics alongside tonal keyboard shelfs, buoyed by propulsive kit rhythms. On this night they’ll perform in tandem with Jitter visuals created by Pykrete.

March 8 at the Uptown
1928 Telegraph, Oakland, CA
Music at 9:15
No Cover, donations accepted.