Stratic + Zachary Watkins + Jon Raskin’s “The Long Table” – November 13

Active Music Series at the Uptown
Stratic + Jon Raskin’s ”The Long Table” + Zachary Watkins

Stratic creates avant-jazz / post-rock / experimental / improvised music that rejects traditional structure and combines acoustics & electronics into three distinct layers of sound with MSP-extended saxophone, polytonal keyboard melodies and textures, grounded and propelled by drums and percussion. With Michael Coleman, keyboards & electronics; Aram Shelton, saxophone & processing via MSP; Alex Vittum, drums & buchla synthesizer.

Zachary James Watkins has received commissions from Cornish College of The Arts, The Microscores Project, The Beam Foundation, Somnubutone Radio Series, the sfSoundGroup and the Seattle Chamber Players. Zachary has participated in numerous festivals including the Second Biennial SJ01, the 2009 Klankunstfest in Berlin, Germany, the 14th Annual 23Five Activating the Medium Festival and the 12th Annual SFEMF. He is a co-organizer of the Annual Music For People and Thingamajigs Festival and currently lectures in the Music Department at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Performing the premier of “The Long Table ” composed by Jon Raskin with several musical main courses, some palate cleansers, conversation and possibly an Amuse-Bouche. With Phillip Greenlief, alto sax; Jon Raskin, baritone sax; Dan Seamans, bass; John Shiurba e. guitar;Tom Hasset, drums.
Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.


March 8th at the Uptown

Active Music Series at the Uptown Presents: Dokuro, Dino Piranha, Stratic

Electronics & voices collide in a frenzied swirl of noise, pop melodies, improvisation, and lush ambience that transport the listener to blood red moons & dusty corners of the heart.  The Wire has described their music as “discreetly sculptured” and “extremist fare that blasts away the earwax without leaving you feeling pointlessly bludgeoned.”  Dokuro is Agnes Szelag & The Norman Conquest.

Dino Piranha: Karl Evangelista & Noah Phillips, guitars, Phillip Greenlief, tenor saxophone; Rei Scampavia ,keys; Doug Stuart, bass; Jordan Glenn, drums. Conceived as a tribute to, rather than a repertory engagement with, certain jazz-informed African musics that flourished in the 1960’s and 70’s–particularly Fela Kuti’s afrobeat and South African mbaqanga–Dino Piranha amalgamates urban African idioms with elements of free improvisation and the pan-national “kosmigroov” styles that followed in the wake of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Dino Piranha’s music is danceable, vamp-heavy, and visceral, but also dense, detailed, and harmonically rich–a tapestry of sounds and weird angles that might recall a play-through of Super Mario Galaxy as much as it does 70’s Sun Ra.

Stratic + Pykrete: Aram Shelton, saxophone & electronics; Michael Coleman, keyboard; Alex Vittum, drums. Stratic makes improvised music that combines acoustics & electronics into three distinct layers of sound with processed saxophonics alongside tonal keyboard shelfs, buoyed by propulsive kit rhythms. On this night they’ll perform in tandem with Jitter visuals created by Pykrete.

March 8 at the Uptown
1928 Telegraph, Oakland, CA
Music at 9:15
No Cover, donations accepted.