4/11: Ives Band, Nakata (LA), Angela Roberts

The Ives Band works to innovate a new approach to familiar melodies. The band plays multiple melodies simultaneously, usually in contrasting keys and tempi, creating musical collages inspired by Charles Ives, Luciano Berio, John Oswald. Melodies come from well-known folk tunes, pop songs, classical music, children’s songs, etc.; anything that is familiar or cliche in contemporary American culture. Melodies remain intentionally recognizable, while the experience of hearing melodies is radically reconstructed. Music is directed and arranged by composer and pianist Andrew Jamieson. Andrewbarnesjamieson.com

-Zachary Hazen, and Mia Bella D’Augelli, violins
-Joshua Marshall, tenor saxophone
-Andrew Jamieson, Brett Carson and Ben Zucker, keyboards
-Roger Kim, Guitar
-Aaron Oppenheim, latpop
-Tim DeCillis, percussion

(From Christmas 2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfYlSG-LTj4

Nakata is a free-improv duo consisting of Patrick Shiroishi on saxophones & Paco Casanova on keys. The two have been playing improvised music for 5 years as a duo and also in the progressive instrumental quintet Corima. They are releasing their first official record on Jacknife Records exploring different sonic qualities both instruments have to offer.



9:00 PM doors. 9:30 PM music.
Suggested donation $5-15


Tue 3/14: We Buy Gold, Lion Creek, & Goldberg/Wong/Trammell/Anderson

We Buy Gold is a new project lead by Jordan Glenn (Wiener Kids, Mindless Thing, Fred Frith Trio). The group centers around interlocking drum-set material slathered in processed voice and bass.
Danishta R Castro- voice, etc.
Jason L Hoopes- e.bass
Robert L Lopez and Jordan EL Glenn- drums

Lion Creek plays music on the banks of Leona Creek in Oakland, California. The music is inspired by the stream of consciousness.
Golnaz Shariatzadeh – Violin
Joel Nelson – Guitar
Nina Theibert – Cello
Kevin Robinson – Woodwinds

Ben Goldberg – clarinet
Francis Wong – tenor saxophone
Marshall Trammell – drums
Vijay Anderson – drums

Active Music Series
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
9:00 PM doors. 9:30 PM music.
Suggested donation $5-15

2/14: Nathan Clevenger’s Elective Infinities, Larry Ochs/Donald Robinson Duo, & Zachary James Watkins

Elective Infinities
Composer/guitarist Nathan Clevenger was born in Oakland, California and has been composing music informed by his voracious consumption of jazz, classical, and popular music from around the world, and an obsession with the written word, from an early age.
Nathan has been composing for an eponymous septet since 2003 and now also leads the sci-fi-chamber-rock band Elective Infinities, featuring Sarah Zaharako, Eric Perney, Phillip Greenlief and Robert Lopez.

Larry Ochs, Tenor and Sopranino Saxophone / Don Robinson, Drums
Performing together in various ensembles since 1991, Ochs and Robinson performed for the first time as a duo in 2011 in their hometown San Francisco Bay Area. At each of the first two concerts, an enthusiastic recording engineer offered them free access to his studio in the following months. As a result, the duo recorded a CD’s worth of music over that summer, and that is now released as The Throne (in January 2015 on the CD label Not Two). That material comprises much of the music they performed on tour in 2013, their first year performing together (as a duo) outside San Francisco. http://www.ochs.cc/groups/ochs-robinson-duo.html

New compositions begin with the invention of a tuning. I create tunings based on desires to explore harmonic territory, periodicity, composite waveforms, resonance and texture. It is my affinity for rich resonances and textures that informs many aspects of my music. I explore the harmonic series, live processing, site-specific resonant spaces and the spatial diffusion of sound sources to achieve rich, saturated environments. I prefer to work site specifically, observing the acoustic properties of a space and shaping new works around these perceived phenomenon. https://vimeo.com/144457900

Tuesday, February 14

Active Music Series
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
9:00 PM doors. 9:30 PM music.
Suggested donation $5-15

Jan 27: Pauline Oliveros tribute performed by sfSound and Rova

Active Music Series presents a special tribute to Pauline Oliveros performed by sfSound and ROVA Saxophone Quartet.
Rova Saxophone Quartet performs their commissioned piece, “Saxual Orientation” (1997).
sfSoundChorus performs Oliveros’ early choral work “Sound Patterns” (1961). https://sfsound.bandcamp.com/track/pauline-oliveros-sound-patterns-1961
sfSoundEnsemble performs:
The Tuning Meditation (1971)
Telepathic Improvisation (1971)
Antiphonal Meditation (1979)
Out of the Dark (1998)
(program subject to change)
aurora josephson – voice
polly moller – flute, alto flute, bass flute
phillip greenlief – saxophone
elizabeth schenck – saxophone
adria otte – violin
crystal pascucci – cello
shanna sordahl – cello
kelley kipperman – contrabass
lisa mezzacappa – contrabass
robert lopez – percussion
John Ingle – saxophone
Diane Grubbe – flute
Phil Gelb – shakuhachi
Jesse Canterbury – bass cl
Joshua Allen – sax
Phillip Greenlief – sax
Armando Castellano – horn
Tom Dambly – tpt
Emiliy Laurance – harp
Jason Levis – perc
Jacob Felix Heule – perc
Ben Kreith – violin
Robin Hiroko Walsh – guitar
Chris Christensen – electronics
and more…
Friday, January 27
8:30 PM doors. 9:00 PM music.
$10-$20 suggested donation.
The Uptown Nightclub. 1928 Telegraph, Oakland.

January 10: I SHOULD HAVE CUT THE EYES DIFFERENT, Scott Amendola Trio, and Fibers + Gargantius Effect

cut wrong from unequal parts of the new music, noise, and electronic music underground–I SHOULD HAVE CUT THE EYES DIFFERENT features Thomas Day (Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet), Matt Ingalls (sfSound), and Jake Rodriguez (bran(…)pos) performing the electro-acoustic soundtrack to that creep in your closet.

Scott Amendola Trio
Scott Amendola (on drums/percussion/electronics), Jason Hoopes (electric bass), Karl Evangelista (electric guitar)
For Scott Amendola, the drum kit isn’t so much an instrument as a musical portal. As an ambitious composer, savvy bandleader and capaciously creative foil for some of the world’s most inventive musicians, Amendola applies his wide-ranging rhythmic virtuosity to a vast array of settings. His closest musical associates include guitarists Jeff Parker, Nels Cline and Charlie Hunter, Hammond B-3 organist Wil Blades, ROVA saxophonist Larry Ochs, and Tin Hat clarinetist Ben Goldberg, players who have each forged a singular path within and beyond the realm of jazz.

Fibers + Gargantius Effect
The Gargantius Effect is the brainchild of Murray Campbell (violin, oboe and electronics) and Randy McKean (reeds). Like the Stanislaw Lem story of the same name, in which armies of warring soldiers are linked together to form a peaceful, blissfully-aware omni-mind, so, too, these longtime collaborators and Nevada County natives transform the connections and crossfires of the various genres in which they usually find themselves—the Euro-café of Beaucoup Chapeaux, Balkan swing of Chickenbonz, chamber jazz of Bristle—into scintillating bits of free improvisation,compositional constructs and mechanized mayhem.
Fibers is the electroacoustic noise of Wes Steed (electronics) and Kevin Corcoran (percussion), an ongoing project split geographically between Sacramento and San Francisco. These duos join in quartet to create an improvised sonic atmosphere of textures and tones ducking and darting, swelling and settling, in an intriguing meeting of instrumental timbres.

Active Music Series
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
9:00 PM doors. 9:30 PM music.
Suggested donation $5-15

Dec 13: ZE BIB!, toxo, & Oa

Active Music Series presents:
– Ze Bib! (Robert Lopez & Shanna Sordahl)
– toxo (Kelley Kipperman, Aurora Josephson and Katerina Kopelevich)
– Oa (Matt Davignon & Hugh Behm-Steinberg)

ZE BIB! is a collaborative effort between cellist/electronic musician Shanna Sordahl and percussionist Robert Lopez. Debuted in the warm Oakland summer of 2013, Ze Bib!’s music grapples with the spastic intensity arising from explorations into sound worlds developed both collectively and independently. As active musicians for a variety of projects in the Bay Area, Lopez and Sordahl’s extreme musical interests converge with explosive force. A desire to continuously expand and reinterpret their relationships with their instruments leads to an ever exciting dynamic that will intrigue and entrance. Their music is tinged with influences ranging between noise, free improvisation, art rock, and heavy drone.

Toxo is a trio comprised of Aurora Josephson (voice), k. kipperman (upright bass), and Kataryna Kopelevich (piano/pianet). The three met at Mills College and have recently begun improvising together.

Oa creates experimental music from the sounds of language. Writer Hugh Behm-Steinberg and sound manipulator Matt Davignon have recorded various anecdotes, conversations and sung pitches from their peers, neighbors, musicians and other writers. Performing either as a duo or collaborating with other sound artists, they break down these elements with samplers and digital turntables, then rebuild them into improvised musical passages and narratives.

Active Music Series
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
9:00 PM doors. 9:30 PM music.
Suggested donation $5-15


Nov 15 at the Uptown

LAZARUS WALKS is a collective comprised of improvisers Tom Weeks, Alex Cohen, and Tim DeCillis that strives to make spontaneous connections between their shared backgrounds in free jazz, contemporary music, death metal, and anything else available, through an approach that is both playful and ecstatic.
Tom Weeks – alto saxophone
Alex Cohen – guitar
Tim DeCillis – percussion


Phillip Greenlief’s BARBEDWIRE

Evelyn Davis – voice, electronics
Gabby Fluke-Mogul – violin
Phillip Greenlief – tenor saxophone

composed during an annual residency in maine, BARBEDWIRE offers 37 graphic scores for trio that shape the direction of improvisation in a time-based system. in addition to charting how the improvisation shifts, the scores have inserted *barbs*, meant to incite musical accidents, interruptions, or breaks in the signal.


DANISHTA RIVERO is a musician and sound artist based in Oakland. She is a vocalist who performs on electronics and the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument she created. Rivero performs solo as well as with her electro-acoustic duo Voicehandler with percussionist Jacob Felix Heule. She is also half of Las Sucias, a feminist noise reggeatón duo with Alexandra Buschman. Previous projects include Blood Wedding, a just intonation noise duo with Chuck Johnson.

October 11: Aram Shelton’s Marches, duo B., Chris Duncan

Aram Shelton’s Marches
Aram Shelton, alto saxophone; Cory Wright, tenor & baritone saxophone; Steve Blum, keyboard; Doug Stuart, bass; Geneva Harrison & Jordan Glenn, drums.

Formed Marches in 2009, the music of Marches is inspired by Albert Ayler & Sun Ra, and is guided by an aesthetic centered on simple tonal melodies and performers that bring energy to the music. It utilizes the instrumentation of the ensemble to create a distinct sound: combining the timbres of the saxophones and organ to make a lush and thick textured sound with intertwining parts propelled by the two drummer one bass rhythm section. The music allows the performers to represent their individuality through extended sections of improvisation that are framed by compositional structures. http://www.aramshelton.com/projects/marches/


duo B., the San Francisco Bay Area improvising and composing ensemble of percussionist Jason Levis and bassist Lisa Mezzacappa, is a musical think tank of grand schemes and impossible scenarios. For more than ten years, the ensemble has developed and refined its singular approach to improvisation and composition, through cross-disciplinary projects with film, collaborations with improvising instrumentalists at home and abroad, study of repertoire by like-minded composer-improvisers, and immersion in the improvised-composed musical worlds of masters Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Henry Threadgill, and others.


CHRIS DUNCAN is an Oakland-based artist who employs repetition and accumulation as a basis for experiments in visual and sound based media. Often in flux between maximal and minimal, Duncan’s work is a constant balancing act of positive or negative, loud or quite, solitary or participatory and tends to lead towards questions regarding perception, experience and transcendence. Sonically, Duncan creates open ended atmospheric pieces rooted in the accumulation of simple tones made from tuning forks and harmonicas combined with field recordings of natural phenomena. Duncan earned his BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts and his Masters Degree in Art Practice from Stanford University. He has performed at Berkeley Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Gray Area and Pasadena Art Center, as well, he has participated in the RE:Sound series and Soundwave. Chris is currently a resident at Headlands Center for the Arts.


Active Music Series
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
9:00 PM doors. 9:30 PM music.
Suggested donation $5-15

June 14th: Antimatter // Hamir Atwal + Dahveed Behroozi // Jon Arkin

ANTIMATTER is the sound work of Xopher Davidson – an ongoing exploration into the material of sound. Xopher builds his experiments in electronic sound from a basis in painting, photography, and film, and through an interest in electronic circuits going back to building radios and homemade circuits as a kid.

In 1992, Davidson rode the train to Oakland, California, where he founded the seminal Exhibit space. . He explores a multiverse of of sound worlds from the subatomic to the subharmonic with in this laboratory comprised of various oscillators , pulse generators, modulators, frequency shifters, and an ‘analog computer. ‘ He has released 4 albums as ANTIMATTER : Transfixion, Antimatter Vs. Antimatter, Our Lady of the Skies, and Reset.

Hamir Atwal – Drums/Electronics
Dahveed Behroozi – Keyboards/Synths

Hamir Atwal is an up-and-coming American drummer/composer based near Berkeley, CA. Drummer/Percussionist Hamir Atwal is a Berklee College of Music graduate. He has performed with the Glimpse Trio, tUneyArDs, Bill Laswell, Joe Lovano, and Ben Goldberg. He was also a guest clinician/teacher at schools which include: Oberlin College, Peabody Conservatory, Stanford University, CalArts, and the California Jazz Conservatory.

Dahveed Behroozi is a Brooklyn based Pianist and Composer primarily devoted to the independent jazz, classical and rock scenes. Dahveed’s playing has been described as highly expressive, lyrical and colorful by numerous publications nationwide. Dahveed recently recorded his first record entitled,Games with the bassist Thomas Morgan and the drummer Tim Bulkley. The record is comprised of all original material and was released in fall, 2012. In addition to performing and recording as a leader and soloist, Dahveed has regularly performed and recorded with groups led by Thomas Morgan, Billy Mintz, Dayna Stephens, Ed Neumeister, Todd Neufeld and Aaron Lington.

Jon Arkin – Drums/Electronics
Jon Arkin is a drummer/percussionist who is commonly found performing with a wide variety of artists, and has been a longtime fixture of the Bay Area music scene. He plays drums/laptop in the Schimscheimer Family Trio (with Kasey Knudsen and Michael Coleman), which has just released an album of original experimental-yet-tuneful songs entitled “Broken Home”.

Arkin’s newest work for solo drum set & laptop explores many aspects of the interaction between acoustic & electronic media: organic sounds versus synthesized sounds, human control versus computer control, free improvisation versus rigid composition. His self-designed, hybrid setup allows for both unpredictable performances and highly structured sequences—sometimes predetermined, other times left to the whims of artificial intelligence.

Active Music Series
Doors at 7:00 PM
Music at 7:30 PM
$5-15 sliding scale.

Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland