4/9: Joel Nelson/Amplified Glass, Apropos Trio (Renzi-Mezzacappa-Levis), & Trouble Ensemble

Originally from the Birmingham, Alabama area, Joel Nelson moved to Oakland, California in 2016. After attending Mills College he began learning about supercollider and its effects through transducers on glass. The performance will be a demonstration of the work so far on this project.

Matt Renzi – clarinet, oboe, tenor sax
Lisa Mezzacappa – acoustic bass
Jason Levis – drums

Rent Romus, Joshua Marshall: saxophones
Jakob Pek: guitar
Tim DeCillis: vibraphone
Andrew Jamieson: keyboard
Chris Lauf: drums
Ernest Larkins: voice
The spirituals illuminate the spiritual force that troubles the waters of injustice and oppression using the power of African and African American music and spirituality. Originally songs of black American slaves, they are rooted in song, dance and drumming of West Africa, the experience of oppression of an uprooted people, and the teachings of a transformative faith. They troubled the dominant narratives, and their message and tradition continue to trouble unjust systems today. Composers and experimenters (like Sun Ra, Charles Ives and Pauline Oliveros) troubled the musical establishment and its conventions as they envisioned radical new ways of making and listening to sound. Their traditions are a separate musical “voice” from African American spirituality and the two voices cannot merge into one. Instead, they must converse. Listen to one another. Learn from one another. Discover harmony. Enjoy dissonance. Each with our own distinct voices, we create, listen to, revere and question, the melody, rhythm and text derived from spirituals, and other songs they inspired, we revel in our own ways of enjoying, discovering and making

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