Aug 14: Kim Nucci, Key West, & Kasey Knudsen Trio

Kim Nucci:
Kim Nucci (OAK) is a multi-media artist, composer/improviser and technologist. They perform on saxophone, electronics, voice and live projection. Their research interests most recently are exploring the pedestrian cybernetic body through critically examining our relationship with technology and with our instruments. The are also invested in the exploration of ritualism and trance states in improvisation. They hold an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media, an MA in Music Composition from Mills College, a BA in Visual Arts from Bennington College. They were awarded a full scholarship at ACRE residency in 2017 where they studied modular synthesis, video, photo-telemetry and other emerging technologies. They currently teach courses in electronic music at California Jazz Conservatory.
Key West:
Key West is an improvised free jazz trio with a strong emphasis on energy. Brian Pedersen started the group in 2000, and over the years it became a sort of free jazz collective. There was a revolving cast of musicians and performances could range anywhere from a duo to an octet. In 2016 the decision was made to reduce the unit to a core trio. Brian Pedersen (Fistortion, Dancin’ Baby, Hummel), Jay Korber (Burmese, Ettrick, Murder Murder), Randylee Sutherland (Love Chains, Nuclear Death Wish, Santorum).
Brian Pedersen-sax
Jay Korber-drums
Randylee Sutherland-cello
Kasey Knudsen Trio:
After nearly a decade of playing together in a variety of contexts, saxophonist Kasey Knudsen, bassist Miles Wick and drummer Jon Arkin unite as a trio to delve into the limitless possibilities of this pared down configuration. The group will explore a diverse array of original compositions, freely improvised vignettes and a few choice standards to create a sound that is identifiable, at times abstract, but always immediately accessible.

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