Sep 8: John Bischoff, Las Sucias, Miranda Hill

John Bischoff will perform a set of solo electronic pieces built from intrinsic features of the electronic medium: high definition noise components, tonal edges, digital shading, and non-linear motion. The set will incorporate a custom analog circuit of his own design. As he activates the circuit, the resulting sounds are analyzed in real-time and used to inform an extended computer-synthesis response. A binding together of the analog and digital realms is the result, the unique characteristics of each medium crossbred and counterpoised in time to form a hybrid sensibility. Pieces include Circuit Combine, Visibility Study, and Surface Effect.

Las Sucias

Las Sucias is Riot-Reggaeton Noise but its many other things too, multi-layered chaotic experimental explosion of rhythms and anti-patriarchal lyrics drenched in noise sauce. Its a feminist reaction to reggaeton and other latino sounds we were brought up with, but also embracing them with nostalgia after living in the US for so long. Embrace your inner chaos.

Miranda Hill

Miranda Hill is a double bassist, producer and improvisor based in Melbourne, Australia. Miranda directs 3 Shades Black, an experimental new music ensemble, who have performed in Melbourne, Auckland, Beijing, and have recently been part of a national education program about graphic scores. Miranda is also a founding member of the Flying Tapirs, a performance theatre baking troupe that is making its’ public debut at the Melbourne Fringe 2014; and keeps a photo diary of hotel rooms at Why Won’t the Windows Open?

Active Music Series

Doors at 7pm

Music promptly at 7:30pm

No cover, donations accepted.
Omni Commons

4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland

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