Deconstruction Orchestra + Crystal Pascucci’s Wild Hen – December 18th

Deconstruction Orchestra

Led by saxophonist Joshua Allen, the Deconstruction Orchestra is a 20 something piece spontaneously conducted Orchestra using cell structure composition to creature a tapestry of sound. Cell structure composition, flash cards, and hand signals are used as well as collective improvisation to create a mass of polyphony. The group has a 6 piece rhythm section and a mass of horns. Some of the very best musicians the bay has to offer take part in the Orchestra. This is an event not to be missed!

Crystal Pascucci

Crystal Pascucci is a cellist, composer and improviser. Her music is atmospheric; it moves from one musical space to another. Interlacing notation and improvisational instruction, she works with traditional instruments, offen with electronic effects. On this night, she’ll present a quartet of cello, clarinet, and 2 percussionists.

Music at 9
No cover, donations accepted.

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