August 10th at the Uptown: Dynosaur + the Oakland Active Orchestra Ad Hoc

Dyonosoar is Tom Djll (Trumpet) , Ron Heglin (Trombone) and Karen Stackpole (Gongs). Dynosoar uses the metal alloys brass & bronze to produce longitudinal waves, which, while traveling at 768 miles per hour, feel as still as the deep ocean. Hearing this ensemble is sublime and enriching, like taking in a vast and awesome landscape which leaves you knowing you are better for the experience, having gained some deeper understanding, yet unable to articulate exactly what that is….
Come Experience this for yourself.

The second set will feature small group improvisations by the members of Dynosaur and the OAO. Member include: Marielle Jakobsons, violin; Hillary Overberg, violin; Matt Ingalls, clarinet; Aram Shelton,alto saxophone; Cory Wright, baritione saxophone; Rob Ewing, trombone; Tom Djll, trumpet; Darren Johnston, trumpet; Jordan Glenn, percussion; Kjell Nordeson, vibraphone; Scott Walton, bass; Sam Ospovat, drums.

Oakland Active Orchestra + Dynosaur
August 10th, 2010
the Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA
Music at 9PM
No cover, donations accepted

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