October 15, 2009 Milkwork & Ton Trio

Active Music Series at Blue Six. 3043 24th Street San Francisco, CA. 9:00 pm

“Milkwork”, which explores the process of free-improvisation with both acoustic and electronically manipulated percussion instruments. Using contact microphones, oscillators, effects pedals and analog synthesizers along side an acoustic drum set up, Milkwork navigates a wide sonic palette: Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Jazz and non-idiomatic grooves using unconventional techniques, dense Free-Jazz vocabulary, heavy drones and feedback, as well as a soft, subtle percussive language that evoke a varied and colorful performance.

Set two will be the first performance by Ton Trio in the Bay Area since last spring. Led by Aram Shelton, this show celebrates the return of Sam Ospovat to the area, after a year in Paris, and the addition of Gene Baker on organ

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